About us

What started decades back as “Patrapatri”, got reinvented in keeping with the times to an online avatar called ABPweddings.com. But, now we want to extend our matchmaking expertise. We will not confine ourselves to just matching you with your better half. But also partner you in arranging the event and associated celebrations that will mark the coming together of two souls, two families and their relatives. Needless to add, such an occasion needs to be an affair to remember for all.

However, it is easier said than done!

Invitation cards to the wedding venue, food menu to photography, venue decoration to bridal makeup, all of a sudden everything requires being coordinated and arranged. All that within the budget in hand!

It doesn't end there. Unless the above is done within stipulated timelines, the entire wedding plan may go awry. Add to that, the prospect of working with a caterer/florist/photographer/decorator whom you are not so sure of,

Clearly, this is not something which you want to do all by yourself!

Enter, onestopweddings.in, an ABPweddings initiative.

Onestopweddings.in is that trusted wedding planner to whom you can leave all your worries and just enjoy the event. We promise assured savings without compromising quality service. Under one umbrella all your wedding requirements will be met. You are free to choose either our packages or individual services.

The auspicious occasion deserves a dream start. And, to make that start happen, call 033-71200700